Global Sustainability Services (GSS) is a fast growing technical and strategic consultancy company having expertise in a range of sustainability areas.  We offer services in the areas of  sustainability, climate change and strategic advisory services to a wide range of public and private clients. Our services are aimed to help our clients to manage risks and reduce business costs  and to improve their overall sustainability performance. 

GSS have  a highly qualified team and global team of experts and we have extensive technical experience in climate change services, carbon management (carbon footprint, risk assessment, climate change mitigation/adaptation), energy management and sustainability program development/reporting. We also have  experience and expertise in offering life cycle analysis services for a range of industries and sectors. Through a global portfolio of climate change and sustainability projects, we have an established reputation for providing true business value and cost-effective services.  

Our multi-disciplinary teams, including experienced consultants, auditors, engineers, and financial and information technology experts, will partner with you to provide a program that is best suited to your needs and adds value to your business. Our approach is to  involve our clients in thinking and devising solutions  and enable them  for self-implementation and further development of our consulting advice and solutions.

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