San Francisco, CA: Energy Performance Ordinance

Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance

The intent of the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance is to help the local market maximize energy efficiency in San Francisco by empowering owners, managers, operators, and occupants with the key information to control utility costs, and to know exactly how they will benefit by improving energy efficiency.

Commercial Lighting Ordinance

San Francisco’s Commercial Lighting Efficiency Ordinance requires that the fluorescent lamps and ballasts systems in commercial buildings must be 81 lumens per watt of electricity consumed as well as meet the mercury content standard: each 4-foot linear fluorescent must not exceed 5 mg and each 8-foot linear fluorescent lamp must not exceed 10 mg of mercury no later than December 31, 2011.

Commercial Water Conservation Ordinance

In order to protect natural resources, address the increase in water demand, and cut greenhouse gas emissions through reduced water use, San Francisco has enacted an ordinance that requires all commercial property owners to provide certain water conservation measures for their facilities by 2017. The earlier a building complies, the more savings will be earned. The building must be inspected, retrofitted and have a Certificate of Compliance on file with the Department of Building inspection. 

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