Greenhouse Gas Consulting Services

GSS offers a variety of greenhouse gas (GHG) consulting services that can be tailored to the meet the needs of individual clients. We provide high quality advice and support for GHG projects across the globe, with special expertise in developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America. GHG projects are developed under various international GHG standards and schemes assist you to address climate change business risks through market mechanisms.

GSS assists landowners, carbon mangement companies, governments, NGO’s and other project developers in realizing the economic, environmental and social benefits of GHG projects. With substantial experience and expertise in energy, sustainable land use, forestry, alternative energy, and energy efficiency we provide services across range of industrial sectors. We specifically provide consulting, project identification and project design services for Clean Development Mechanism, Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard and Climate Community and Biodiversity schemes and programs.

Our services include:

Project feasibility

- Project potential analysis to lower GHG’s and increase sustainable development
– Project eligibility analysis against international standards and certification agencies, including

Project development

- Project methodology application and assistance in methodology development and approval
– Baseline, leakage, and emission reduction assessments
– Additional and non-permanence assessments
– Non-renewable biomass estimates
– Risk identification and management

Project validation, certification, and verification

- Project reporting and registration
– Development of supporting documents
– Support for validation and verification site visits

Carbon market analysis and support

- Analysis of current market demand and prices for project GHG’s
– Emissions reduction purchasing agreement preparation and carbon credit price negotiations

With our international staff and office locations both in United States and Asia, GSS has the experience and background to provide quality consulting services.

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